In memoriam


In a loving memory of our sweetheart.

Ninatte's Nena

17.2.2010 - 6.6.2011

We noticed that Nena’s normally so healthy and happy condition was taking a turn for worse, when she started acting not like herself anymore. She couldn’t stand being around Emmett, though they had been best friends since the day they first met. Nena secluded herself from us wanting to be left alone, and soon after stopped eating and drinking altogether. As her tummy had began to swallow in the process, we immediately took her to the vetenarian.

Our worst fears came true as the vet suspected that the reason for the condition was in fact FIP. After taking blood samples and giving her antibiotics, Nena was sent back home with us for the weekend, but with an advice to return if Nena’s condition got any worse.

On Monday we had to return to the vet again. Nena’s condition wasn’t getting better. Quite the opposite. In addition the vet had not managed to get enough blood as a sample during our previous visit and thus new tests were needed. As the vet examined our little girl, he noted that only skin and bones were left on the girl’s body, and the stomach was full of liquid, we decided it was time to let her go.

And so Nena slept away on 6th of June 2011.